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Make TRX Training a Core Value!

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Each of us has our own set of values. These are what determine which aspects of life we regard as important or beneficial. Our values help determine our tastes, our way of life, our entertainment, our social, political and religious interactions.
At Accolade Fitness, members value their health and well being and it's no surprise many have found the newest exercise trend in Colorado Springs for "Core" Training to be TRX Suspension Training.
Exercise Core Value at Accolade Fitness...Make TRX Training Your Way Of Life!

New This Week:
* Free TRX Classes *
at Accolade Fitness (South)
Monday/Friday 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:30 am
Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-7:00 pm
Thursday 8:30-9:30 am
Congratulations TRXer's:
Even Though I Didn't Have A TRX Challenge Scheduled For This Month,
We Still Had Several TRX Achievers Out There
Pushing Their Limits Physically This Past Week-end!
Congratulations Go To Our Pike's Peak Ascent Runners,
Nancy, Becca, Rich and Dana...
and Pike's Peak Marathoner, Kim!
Also Congratulations To Maureen
For Completing The Tour De Cure Bike Ride!
You Are All TRX Tough!
What Are Your 'Core' Values?
Each of us holds many values and these values are liable to change as we grow, reach different stages of life or have different experiences or influences in life. Some of the values we hold may be 'superficial', transitory or fitting solely the moment in which we find ourselves. Other values are more fixed and may stay with us through our life; these are our 'core values'.
Our values come from a range of sources. Our parents are a key influence upon our values as we grow as children. So, too, is any church or religious background we experience. Our society, our neighbours, friends and colleagues, our teachers and our schooling can have an influence upon our values. So, too, can our TRX Trainer! Often times, our values can become conflicted as we are pulled between our own developing core values, our parents values and our peers values.
As we grow in years and experience, our values become more fixed, especially a set of 6 to 10 'core' values. It is these core values that determine what is really important to us as an individual. The surprising thing is that if you ask most people what their values are, many would not be able to give you an answer.
A good many people are leading lives unconnected with their core values. This can lead to a life of unhappiness, discontent and lack of fulfillment. Sometimes it can lead to conflict. Often the person does not know why their life seems unhappy, unfulfilled and sometimes full of conflict. Often, the cause is that the life they are living is not in accordance with their personal values.
So, if you feel your life is unfulfilled, unhappy, or maybe has too much conflict, then it could be that you are leading a life that does not accord with your core values. The question is; do you know your own personal core values?
Lead A Life Of Fulfillment...Stay Connected With TRX Training!
What In Life Is Important To You?
Quite common words that people put on their list of values include ; 'money', 'success', 'family', 'wife/husband/partner', 'growth', 'power', 'health', 'honesty'. If you find one, or more, of these words on your list, ask yourself another question;
What Does (the word) Mean For me?
So you may ask, 'what does money mean for me'. To which the answer could be; money means security, or money means success, or money means freedom, or money means being able to provide for my family.
What about health, 'what does health mean for me'...health could mean living injury-free or painfree, free of sickness and disease or maybe health means a strong body and mind or able to enjoy activities.

Ultimate Exercise Requires NO Weights, NO Running!

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21 August 2011
That's right, the Ultimate in Exercise only requires a bar and the floor! I bet you think I'm talking about TRX Training...right?
Well not exactly, but it's part of it.
Many women lack upper body strength. Unfortunately, this can lead to injuries and lack of ability, as many common movements such as lifting a box or a child require strong upper body muscles.

It's wise for all women to strengthen these muscles by working on the two best exercises for them: push-ups and pull-ups. Just because push-ups and pull-ups are hard, doesn't mean women can't do them! In fact, you *should* be able to lift your own body with your arms. In nature, this sort of movement is very basic and in fact a matter of survival.

Add Push-Ups And Pull-Ups To Your TRX Training...It's A Matter Of Survival!

New This Week:
The Accolade Fitness-South Gym Did Open
Tuesday, August 16th....Although, My TRX Bars Are Not Mounted Yet,
I Am Hoping For Thursday Aug. 25 To Be TRX Ready!
* Free TRX Clinics *
Thursday 9:30-10:30 am
and Thursday evening 6:00 pm-7:00 pm
Come Back on Friday Morning from 11:30-12:30 !
Cross Your Fingers For TRX Classroom Ready!!
*Important Change*
The 8:30 Thursday TRX Power Stretch Class Is Now
8:00 am On Tuesdays!
So Please Join Me For TRX PowerStretch on Tuesday at 8:00 am
For A Wonderfully Relaxing Hour To Release Those Tight Spots!

Vote For Your Favorite TRX Trainer:

That Would Be Me, Silly, In a "Where Do You Train" TRX Training Photo Contest. You Can Help Me Win Fun TRX Tools For Class By Clicking On This Link:
Hurry And Vote For "Majestic TRX Wings" By Monday!
The "Ultimate" Exercise: Requires No Weights, No Running
The Pull-up Requires Only A Bar
Pull-ups are one of the most beneficial overall muscle and strength developers. Pull-ups and chin-ups are also one of the hallmarks of an advanced strength athlete.
The pull-up builds grip strength because your fingers, hands and forearms are all used. Pull-ups also develop your biceps, triceps and shoulders, giving you powerful strength and superior muscularity. Muscles throughout the entire back are bombarded with enough stress to make them grow stronger, especially the latissimus dorsi and trapezius. Additionally, your abdominal muscles are given a good workout due to the stabilization needed through the entire core.

A well-rounded program requires some variations on the pull-up. Any pull-up that starts with your palms facing forward on the bar (a "forward grip") and ends with your chin going up over the bar will bring focus to the pectoralis muscles of the chest.

To bring more focus to your back muscles, there are two options you should consider. The first is a wider grip, and the other is a pull-up bar that has the ends angled down.

The Push-up Requires Only A Floor
The push-up is both a beneficial and versatile exercise because you can perform them anywhere. The push-up builds stability in your shoulders while developing strength in your biceps, triceps, and pectoralis muscles.

I also want to remind you that a push-up can help you build firm, six-pack abs as well! That's right, as long as you're doing them correctly, push-ups will train your abs along with your upper body.

While in plank position, pull in your bellybutton. Your bellybutton is attached to your transverse abdominis, that inner sheath that holds your gut inside and gives your spine and vertebrae a nice, weight belt-tightening type of support. So by pulling it in, you begin to contract that deep inner transverse abdominis muscle.

If you want to work your six-pack rectus abdominis muscle, drive your chin down toward your toes while you're focused on squeezing your bellybutton in.

Next, draw your lower pelvic muscles up and hold them up high and tight. This squeeze will allow you to feel and focus on your abdominal muscles.

These techniques help build the deep inner core muscles that lay the groundwork for that six-pack look. Keep in mind however, that in order to really get "six-pack" abs, men need to get their body fat down to about six percent, and women around eleven percent.

Do Body Weight Training To Avoid Injury
You can use dumbbells and strength training to achieve the same goal, but bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups, which we've also recently reviewed, are especially helpful and have less of a risk of injury.

Most fitness experts agree that pull-ups and push-ups are fundamental for any fitness program. Unfortunately, many avoid these exercises out of fear of developing "bulging muscles." This fear is unwarranted, and muscle-building exercises are in fact the best fat-burning method there is.
It's also a primary anti-aging strategy.

Save Your Joints From The Pounding...Avoid Injury With TRX Training!
Use The TRX For Beginners
For many, the pull-up is a more difficult exercise than they can start out with. If you are having trouble completing more than 2 or 3 repetitions of the exercise without stopping, consider modifying the pull-up for a while. You can place a chair in front of the chin-up bar and rest one foot on the chair while you do the exercise or you can also do a variation called a 'jump up' by hopping up to the chin-up position and focusing on lowering your body slowly.

You can also modify the Pull-up with the TRX Inverted Row or TRX Pull-Up and use the floor for assistance...soon you will be ready for a Full Hanging Pull-up!

The push-up can also be very difficult to perform correctly, especially for women. This is why I recommend the TRX Standing Chest Press as an excellent regression for building the stabiizer muscles of the shoulders needed in the push-up. As you get stronger, you can deepen your working angle and soon you will be able to perform a Push-up from the floor or even suspended!

Modify Body Weight Exercises...Get Stronger With TRX!
Proper Form Is Key
It's important to understand that more is not "better" when it comes to pull-ups and push-ups. Instead, focus on technique and mindset. Proper form is key when performing these types of bodyweight exercises--it's about the quality of your movement, as opposed to quantity.

By slowing down your movement, you effectively reduce your repetition range, meaning the slower you perform the exercise, the fewer repetitions you will manage before your muscles fail. This is actually one of the keys to its effectiveness. The rep speed is therefore very important.

Slower reps also help prevent injuries because as soon as you feel the first twinge of pain, you can stop before you hurt yourself. It also helps you link up your mind-muscle connection.

The TRX Blast Class on Tuesdays focuses on slower TRX movements as we perform 8-12 reps in a 2-2 or 3-1 cadence. This is an excellent class to work on your TRX Form and avoid injury!
Don't Forget The Diet
While muscle strengthening exercises are crucial for overall health, they really are only responsible for about 20 percent of the lean body benefits. Eighty percent is related to the foods you eat. Diet and exercise do go hand in hand; you need both to optimize results.

Here's A Quick Summary Of Dietary And Exercise Guidelines

*Exercise in the late AM or early PM to heighten rejuvenation benefits

*Incorporate High Intensity Interval TRX style exercises to improve overall fitness, fat burning, muscle growth, and longevity

*Consuming high quality whey protein (20g protein / serving) 30 minutes before training may boost your body's metabolism for as much as 24 hours after your workout. It's the ideal fuel for building muscle as the whey meal stops the catabolic process in your muscle and promotes protein synthesis towards recovery and growth. If you have done a strength training workout you can repeat the dose about one hour later.

*Avoid ALL forms of fructose and other sugars for two hours after your workout, otherwise you'll obliterate the growth hormone response and ruin the major benefit of the workout, which is to increase your growth hormone level.

Live A Lifestyle That Promotes Wellness...Join The TRX Revolution And Feel Better!

Thank You For Making TRX THE Most Awesome Group Fitness Class in Town!
TRX Training Requires No Weights, No Running...Survival For The Fittest Requires TRX!
Live A Lifestyle That Promotes Wellness...
Join The TRX Revolution And Feel Better!

Your TRX Trainer and Coach,

Karyn Palgut


Happy People Choose TRX!

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15 August 2011

If you want to be healthy and happy instead of pained and sick, you have to readjust your attitude toward health. Healthy people are happy people. And shifting your attitude from "nothing helps" to "I can make better choices" is often the key step that offers optimal wellness and emotional fulfillment.

Health and happiness represent a frame of mind that influences our choices. In turn, making better lifestyle choices leads to wellness instead of chronic ill health. Happy People Choose TRX At Accolade Fitness!

Change Your Mindset...Find Health And Happiness With TRX!
New This Week:
The Opening Date For The "New" Accolade Fitness-South Gym Is
Tuesday, August 16th....And That Means More TRX Classes!
* Free TRX Clinics *
Thursday 9:30-10:30 am
and Thursday evening 6:00 pm-7:00 pm
Come Back on Friday Morning from 11:30-12:30 !
(This is contingent upon the TRX Bars being mounted, the speaker system installed, and the paint trays being removed from the classroom...)
*Important Change*
The 8:30 Thursday
TRX Power Stretch Class Has Been Moved To
8:30 Tuesday This Week...
as I will Be Launching TRX at The New Gym Thursday morning!
So Please Join Me For TRX PowerStretch on Tuesday at 8:30 am
For A Wonderfully Relaxing Hour To Release Those Tight Spots!
T-Shirt Referral Program:
TEAM TRX T-Shirt Referral Program
Get 3 guests to Join the TRX Movement at Accolade Fitness
Receive a SportFiTraining TEAM TRX T-Shirt in appreciation!
You May Also Purchase Your TEAM TRX Tee For $15
A Healthy Attitude Can Lead To A Healthy Life
I know what you're thinking, "I don't choose to be unhealthy. It's not my choice to be in pain. I see specialists and practitioners to help my condition." I hear you. You are making your way as best you know how.
I would like to tell you, though, that there are characteristics that healthy people seem to share. In fact, these characteristics are so prevalent among the healthy that those who share them could be considered a demographic. We are all familiar with demographics constructed around ethnicity, age, gender and income. But did you know there is a demographic of the population that is concerned with a healthy lifestyle and green technology?
There is, and it's called LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). Here is how the website LOHAS.com defines the group: "A market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice."
Not everyone who qualifies as part of the LOHAS demographic gained entrance by virtue of being healthy, pain-free and happy. However, it does seem that once people embrace this lifestyle, they become healthier and happier. Why? Because they have shifted their mind-set, their perspective, from one of "nothing helps" and "I have to live with my illness" to "there are choices I can make to better myself."
Now you don't need to embrace LOHAS to be healthy and happy, don't get me wrong, but being healthy, pain-free, free of chronic illness and into wellness is something everybody wants.
Embrace Your Lifestyle...Make Choices That Better Yourself
Here Are Some Healthy Driven Characteristics (thoughts, actions and behaviors)
Believe You Can Improve Your Wellness
While you may never be cured of your poor health conditions, you can benefit from significant improvement. In fact, what most people don't realize is that vast progress can be made in a short amount of time by taking a better mind-set and making better choices. A belief that your condition can improve is the motivational force necessary to feel better.
Improve Your Wellness...Believe TRX Can Be The Force To Feeling Better!
Own Your Present State Of Health
Whether you see a medical specialist or alternative health practitioner, leaving your health in their hands does not significantly improve your condition. Owning your condition, taking responsibility for it and doing what you need to do to improve yourself are characteristics of healthy people.
When you're mildly sick, do what you need to get well and not let yourself become seriously ill. For instance, migraines are in large part caused by diet, stress and poor sleep. Knowing this, most migraine sufferers need merely to change their diet, reduce their stress and get sound sleep. They can do this on their own.
Your health is yours, and no one cares as much as you do about improving it. Healthy people know this and take steps to promote wellness, not hinder it.
Know You Can Do It Yourself, With A Little Help
Roughly 80 percent of all conditions of pain, illness and disease are self-induced. That is to say, they are caused by the person suffering them. The problem is twofold: people don't know their conditions are self-induced and they don't know what they are doing to cause it. Consequently, they don't know what to do to change it.
Healthy people know they cause their illness by their choices and behaviors and, therefore, can choose better and prevent them. A quick example: Osteoarthritis of the knee, or degenerative (bone on bone) joint disease. And with a little help from articles on the subject or health and fitness professionals, they can learn exactly which muscles to strengthen to lessen the impact, proper weight loss to lessen the burden and techniques or treatments for reducing the inflammation and pain.

Knowledge Really Is Power When It Comes To Your Health!
Make Choices And Stick To Them
One of the most difficult things people grapple with is sticking with a program for change. We choose to join the gym, but don't go. We make a series of appointments with the acupuncturist, but attend only three of 10.
Making strong wellness choices puts you on the path to wellness. Sticking to them and seeing them through keeps you on the path. Healthy people make healthy choices and stick with those choices, even when they are tired, under the weather or busy. And this characteristic is intertwined with the other three: belief, ownership and knowledge.
Steadfast And True, Keeps You On The Path To Wellness!
Keep An Open Mind
Health and wellness solutions come in all shapes and sizes. A few decades ago, chiropractic was seen as quackery, but is a mainstream therapy today. Ten years ago, acupuncture was still foreign to most Americans. While energy healing, meditation, polarity therapy, Reiki, herbal therapy, chelation therapy, and TRX Training may seem strange or part of the fringe, healthy people keep an open mind about what can help their wellness.
They may not understand something, but their exploratory nature and drive for a wellness lifestyle allow them to look into it, ask questions, do an information interview with a practitioner and/or experience a TRX introductory session or class. Just because you are unfamiliar with a healing concept does not mean a solution is quackery. (Though, of course, it might be.) Keeping an open mind to new ideas and solutions can lead you to an improved state of wellness.
Healthy People Keep An Open Mind...Healthy People Experience A TRX Class!
Make Wellness Part Of Your Lifestyle
The most important aspect of wellness is the fact that healthy people on the whole tend to make wellness a focal point of their lifestyle. If you carry a perspective of wellness with you when grocery shopping, you choose ingredients and foods that promote wellness, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

When thinking of an afternoon activity during lunch break, the wellness-minded may choose a walk or quiet time rather than kvetching in the break room about co-workers that bother them. Rather than watching TV for two hours per night, the wellness lifestyle may find you doing TRX, Yoga or Pilates or meditating or having a massage instead.
If your goal is to stop suffering by improving your overall conditions, then living a wellness lifestyle is a means to this end. There is an entire demographic of healthy and happy people doing it. You can do it, too!

Live A Lifestyle That Promotes Wellness...Join The TRX Revolution And Feel Better!

Want Your Own TRX Suspension Trainer For Your Home Or On The Go?

Click On The Banner Below:

Thank You For Making TRX THE Most Awesome Group Fitness Class in Town!
Change Your Mindset At Accolade Fitness...Find Health And Happiness With TRX Training!
Live A Lifestyle That Promotes Wellness...
Join The TRX Revolution And Feel Better!
Your TRX Trainer and Coach,
Karyn Palgut


Find Success With TRX Advanced!

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8 August 2011

Whether you're taking a TRX Group Suspension Training class or working out solo on your TRX, it's not uncommon for your workout routines to become a bit, well, routine. As a result, many clubs and fitness studios have started incorporating other tools with the TRX Suspension Trainer to keep workouts fresh.
At Accolade Fitness in Coloradoo Springs, fitness professional and TRX trainer, Karyn Palgut, has her clients doing cardio and strength work, along with Suspension Training, in 60 second intervals called TRX Advanced. Do not be intimidated though, the TRX Advanced Class is just another way to present a Boot Camp style workout.
Change The Way You Train...Find Success With TRX Advanced!
Coming In August:
The "New" Accolade Fitness-South gym and more TRX Classes!
Opening date TBD (about a week)
TRX 40/40 Challenge Week And A 6 Week TRX Boot Camp!
(Details To Follow)
New "Auto Pay" Membership Tracking System!
Body Fat Testing This Week:
Wednesday 11:00-11:30am
Thursday 4:00-4:30pm
*To establish your Baseline Body Fat % for your 30 Day TRX Challenge
or if you would like a retest, please join me by the classroom*
T-Shirt Referral Program:
TEAM TRX T-Shirt Referral Program
Get 3 guests to Join the TRX Movement at Accolade Fitness
Receive a SportFiTraining TEAM TRX T-Shirt in appreciation!
You May Also Purchase Your TEAM TRX Tee For $15
Change The Way You Train
Change the way you train in the TRX Advanced Class, as I bring in the TRX, I bring the BOSU, I bring kettlebells, I bring the jump rope, the Rip Trainer, the Medicine Ball, and plyo boxes into the circuits. This is going to vary the workout a lot and you want to do that, more than anything. If you bring other training tools into the mix, you're really going to change the way your body responds to the exercises as each new challenge is introduced.

This training change is good because muscles respond best to a changing stimulus. Also, using tools requires more core stabilization and engagement, which helps to strengthen your core musculature and reinforces why we say Suspension Training is "all core, all the time." And the results speak for themselves.

For instance, using the TRX with kettlebells allows you to train several modalities at once (flexibility, mobility, strength, power, rotation, etc), opening up new performance opportunities. These moves are guaranteed to take things up a notch in your training camp, whatever sport you play.

With the TRX Advanced class, you're going to get high intensity mix of TRX together with cardio which creates an element where we have more impact, more power-oriented moves, and at the same time, the strength is also ramped up with the kettlebells and the medicine balls.

Metabolize With The TRX For Results!
In the past decade, the fitness trend has moved away from long, slow cardio exercise programs towards more advanced short, burst workouts for all fitness levels and goals.

But what are we really going for in these short, burst style workouts?

Short, burst workouts are all about RESULTS!. Only results matter. Never lose sight of what you are training for - whether it is performance or a change in your body, only those results matter.
And to get the results you want, you need to change your mindset about what training is all about. In the past, the fat loss workout world was dominated by long, slow cardio, but scientific research has shown that the fat loss benefits from cardio are not worth the time and effort.

Fortunately, a lot of trainers stumbled across interval training as a better way to burn fat and have had their clients using these workouts. More recently, I have discovered metabolic resistance training, which is a perfect way to use the TRX with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.

In a metabolic resistance training workout, you perform multiple sets or circuits of multi-muscle exercises in a moderate repetition range with minimal rest between sets. This will give you the same or better fat burning results as cardiovascular or interval training but without the downside of pounded joints and overuse injuries.

The results are similar to interval training alone. You will lose belly fat. You will likely improve your insulin sensitivity and lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol. But more importantly, you'll be able to train more muscles of the body in less time, building strength and maintaining or even gaining muscle.

Only Results Matter...Train More Muscles With BodyWeight Training

Take The TRX Challenge And Take Your Fitness To The Next Level
If you're looking for a monster metabolic workout, look no further. Karyn has created a 30 Day Program, called the TRX Challenge. Start out with your baseline body fat analysis and take unlimited TRX classes for 30 days. You will see amazing and measurable results! Don't forget to incorporate the TRX Advanced (Boot Camp style) Class in too. You will get everything from TRX exercises to kettlebells, Rip Trainer, medicine balls and Karyn's personal area of expertise, bodyweight exercises. If you're after results then this is the program for you.

Order Your TRX Suspension Trainer For Your Home Here, Click On The Banner:

Thank You For Making TRX THE Most Awesome Group Fitness Class in Town!
Change The Way You Train...Find Success In The TRX Advanced Group Fitness Class!
Only Results Matter With TRX...

Do You Have What It Takes?

Your TRX Trainer and Coach,

Karyn Palgut


Slash 1000 With TRX!

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30 July 2011

Did you know that by cutting 500 calories a day you'll lose 1 pound a week?

It has been clearly established by fitness experts that by reducing your caloric intake (or increasing your caloric burn) by approximately 3,500 calories per week you would lose 1 pound per week.

And, if you'd like to speed up the weight loss process you can slash 1,000 calories a day to lose 2 pounds per week, and you can do it without eating less!

Reach Your Goals At Accolade Fitness...Slash 1000 With TRX Training!

The TRX Challenge Update:
Join Us For

*The Challenge Of The Crags This Sunday, July 31st*

Meet to Car Pool: 7:00-7:15 am at the Safeway on Colorado Ave and 31st
Begin Hike: 8:00 am from The Crags Trailhead
Destination: The Crags and Devil's Playground
(Top Of Pikes Peak, If You Insist!)
Duration: Be prepared to hike for 4-7 hours (up and back)
What You Need: Water, Hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat, light jacket or long sleeves, snacks, hiking poles (optional)
Don't Forget Your TRX Legs!
T-Shirt Referral Program:
TEAM TRX T-Shirt Referral Program
Get 3 guests to Join the TRX Movement at Accolade Fitness
Receive a SportFiTraining TEAM TRX T-Shirt in appreciation!
You May Also Purchase Your TEAM TRX Tee For $15
New TRX Class:
The Thursday, 4:30 TRX30 Class Is Now
A TRX Flow Mobility Class...
Try It Out!
Slash 1000 Calories Per Day Without Eating Less
You probably know by now that I'm not big on calorie deprivation diets and in the long run eating too little will crush your metabolism to the point where even eating 800 calories total per day won't allow you to lose any weight at all.

So clearly there must be a better and safer alternative to starving yourself...

The good news is there definitely is and it has a lot to do with meal/nutrient timing as well as exercising.

The reason exercising is so important is that it actually burns calories, boosts your metabolism, improves your energy, and strengthens every fiber in your body.

So Here's How I Recommend Slashing 1,000 Calories A Day Without Starving Yourself:

Step 1: Cut Out All Fancy Drinks

Essentially anything that is bottled and isn't plain water is what I consider a fancy drink. And most of these sugary drinks include 32-38 grams of sugar per serving - and most have 2+ servings! They include sodas, energy drinks, vitamin-type waters, specialty coffees, hint hint, etc.

My advice is to enjoy some clean water with lemon or lime squeezed into it and if you're going to have coffee try to add just a little almond milk (or cow's milk if desired).

Calories Slashed a Day: 240 - 480 (2 drinks per day replaced with water)
There's Nothing Fancy About TRX...Just a Good BodyWeight Training Metabolic Burn!


Step 2: Exercise Almost Every Day


I say "almost" because I don't believe in overdoing it. This is why I suggest going for 2-3 days of exercise in a row and then taking a rest day (but still stay active). Add the TRX Power Stretch Class or The New TRX Flow-Mobility Class for a great recovery day in your exercise routine!

Calories Slashed a Day: 300 - 600 depending on your weight, duration, fitness level, etc.

Release Your Tension With TRX Power Stretch...Let Your Muscles Recover With TRX Flow Mobility!

Step 3: Exercise Like You Mean It
This means cranking up your intensity in TRX Class for more metabolic "afterburn" when your workout is over.

Studies have shown increased metabolic activity for up to 31-38 hours after an intense workout. Keep in mind that these workouts don't have to be long... But they have to be challenging.

Calories Slashed a Day: The actual caloric burn from an increased metabolism is hard to calculate due to dozens of personal factors, but I will conservatively place it at an extra 50-100 calories per workout day.

Challenge Yourself With Intensity In TRX Circuit...Crank Up The After-Burn From TRX Advanced!


Step 4: Be More Active

Yes you can park further away from the mall's entrance or other little tips like that, but I believe that you must be able to track and quantify your progress in order for you to take all the guess work out of whether you'll reach your goals or not.

This is why I recommend doing 100 stairs per day (they don't all have to be at once and if you have "bad knees" you can choose to add an extra 10-minutes of walking per day).

I also recommend taking a 20-30 minute morning, lunch, or after dinner walk (choose the time of day you prefer).

Calories Slashed a Day: 160 - 210 including stairs and 20-30 minute walk.

Take Your Lunch Break At The Office...Get The TRX300 Workout Done In 20 Min!

As you can see from the 4 simple steps above I barely touched on what you are putting into your mouth (with the exception of anything but water), so that you're less focused on depriving yourself and more concerned with how much you're moving...

Hopefully this opens your eyes to show you how you can realistically cut 500-1,000+ calories a day without starving yourself.

Of course, I do recommend eating sensibly and healthily - especially on your non-workout days.

Lastly, keep in mind that the best time to have a cheat meal or your favorite sweet is directly after your workout when your body is more inclined to use the sugar for fuel. This meal timing point really does help out a lot and it's the best time to enjoy some seasonal fruit!

Cleanse Your Mind And Body...Breathe In The New TRX Flow Mobility!


Thank You For Making TRX THE Most Awesome Group Fitness Class in Town!
Reach Your Fitness Goals At Accolade Fitness...Slash 1000 In TRX Group Fitness!
Exercise Like You Mean It...Let TRX Training Take You To The Next Level!
Your TRX Trainer and Coach,
Karyn Palgut


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