TRX Class Policies

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Advanced Reservation Policy: TRX Class Reservations at SportFiTraining are made on a first come, first serve basis. All "reservations" must be made online at TRX Class purchases can be made online or in person. All class fees must be paid in advance (meaning you may not pay after you've taken a class). Reservations may be made up through the length of your TRX pack in advance.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your reservation by email or online up to 1 hour before each class. If you don't cancel by the deadline, you will be charged for the class. All unlimited class packages will lose one day for each occurrence.

Expirations: TRX Class packages expire after purchase based on the quantity of the package. Unlimited class packages expire 30 days after activation.

Late-comers to class: First time students must fill out our questionnaire and may not enter a class once it has started. Returning students may join up to 10 minutes into the class. If a student has made a reservation but has not shown and it has been 10 minutes after class has started, his or her spot will be given away to someone on the waiting list.

Refunds: SportFiTraining has a No Refund Policy in effect. Arrangements can be made to Freeze class time to resume at a later date.

TRX Trainer: The TRX Suspension Trainers will be supplied for each class. (13 Student class limit)

Health Requirements: All participants must fill out a waiver before taking their first class.

Dress: Come dressed in comfortable, fitness clothing and tennis shoes, bring a water bottle.

Additional Info: Your First TRX Class Is Always Open To New Students On A FREE Trial Basis. No Gym Membership Required!

Contact Info: Reserve your spot for a specific class now by contacting Karyn with SportFiTraining:

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


**You Will Be Placed On A Waitlist If Class Is FULL And Notified In Case Of A Cancellation**

To Cancel A Reservation: Call or Text Karyn at (719) 201-0126 or cancel online.