Training Philosophy

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My Training Approach Is My Commitment

As a provider of sports and fitness education, personalized programs and lifestyle enhancement, I approach each individual situation with a unique, effective and goal oriented personal training philosophy. Sessions cover every single component of fitness throughout a 30 - 60 minute training period which can include: Cardiovascular, Speed, Strength, Agility, Power, Posture, Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Proprioception and Muscular Endurance.

As an Olympic athlete, I know that our bodies can achieve much more than we expect. I believe only 15% of this achievement is physical. The other 85% is programming or re-programming ourselves mentally. To change an “I can’t” attitude into an “I CAN” attitude is an amazing feat. I want my clients to believe in themselves as much as I believe in them.

Since starting SportFiTraining in Colorado Springs in 2009, I have trained over 100 people ranging in age from 15 to 80 in that time. People who have been, or are currently athletes, as well as people who have never stepped foot in a gym, are my clients.

My personal training approach allows clients to work at higher intensities for greater energy expenditure and fat loss. By training the body as an entire system and focusing on core stability, functional coordination, balance and core rotation, you will develop an overall stronger, well toned and balanced body, much better prepared to face the demands of normal living, daily activities and sporting challenges.

Helping people transform their lifestyles is my highest priority. I know everyone doesn't aspire to be a high performing athlete, therefore, I customize all of my programs to fit the needs and goals of each individual being trained by taking into account previous injuries and their current lifestyle.

I want my clients to succeed and to enjoy everyday things more, because they are physically strong and mentally alert. Whether you want to be working in the garden more, walking a mile a day, climbing Pikes Peak or having a better golf game, I will structure a program that will help you achieve those goals.

I also create programs for high performing teams and individual athletes. These programs are customized as well to the individual performing or the goals of the team coach.

Finally, I believe there is something “amazing” in everyone, no matter what age. It is my passion to bring you to that “amazing” point – physical, mental, and emotional – and help you to realize, you are amazing as well!

I currently hold private training sessions and TRX Group Fitnes Classes at my new location on the west side of Colorado Springs, 1025 #E Garden Of The Gods Rd. Come on over and join in the fun as you take on the TRX Challenge at my SportFiTraining Center.