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TRX Classes Are Fun!
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TRX Classes Are Fun!


Glo Drinnon, 60 years old, Para-professional in Elementary School


I had been going to Weight Watchers this  past year and lost 20 lbs. when I started going to Accolade Fitness to add the exercise piece to my nutrtion plan in order to complete the healthy balance I needed.  I was doing some cardio and free weights as well as Zumba when I saw an ad in the gym for Karyn’s free TRX Class.

I participated in a free clinic and immediately signed up for the classes because that clinic really kicked my butt!  After finishing my first round of 3 classes,  I could  already see a difference in my body.

Since I work at a school and I am on my feet all day, I decided to incorporate TRX into my regular fitness routine to maintain and gain additional stamina and strength. Along with gaining  strength and toning up,  I feel like I have alot more energy!  I recently had my yearly physical with my doctor and I couldn't believe the results I received.  My bone density test went up 5 and 6 points in different areas!  I credit this to my commitment to TRX Training. Glo_TRX_Side_Plank

I really like the TRX class atmosphere.  It is a group of people, mostly women, who are of various ages and fitness levels that are non-judgmental.  Karyn encourages everyone to work at his or her own pace and level.  Even though it is not a one-on-one session with Karyn, she is very good about giving individual attention to the class participants and stresses good form as the most important element of TRX Training.

I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first, but I found Karyn to be an excellent trainer and motivator.....TRX is fun!!!  I don’t just watch the clock waiting for the class to be over.  Time just moves!  You look up and before you know it, you’ve done one hour of intense physical activity!