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TRX Works!

I Lost 6% Body Fat

Julie, 37, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

I had not worked out regularly in almost two years.  I had about 10 extra pounds I haven’t been able to lose since the birth of my youngest child.  So, this past summer, I started getting back into the gym a few times a week.

I was thinking about starting yoga or core power yoga when I saw Karyn’s free TRX workshop.  I decided to try it. Even though it was a hard workout, I was hooked after that first class.

I began doing TRX two times a week. In the beginning, I was completely worn out after an hour of TRX training, but I was never incredibly sore.  Then after a few classes, I found I had tons of energy, saw that my core strength was improving with each class, and I felt stronger overall.

In just one month of doing TRX classes two times a week, I lost 3% body fat.  That was a very strong incentive to continue the classes. In the second month,  I lost another 1% body fat.  And now after 4 months, I am down 6% body fat,  but most importantly,  I have transformed my body by losing 10 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle.  I feel great!

I like the TRX classes because I feel less watched by other people than when I am working out in the gym. Even though it is a class format, I still feel supported by Karyn, who is always paying attention to everyone’s form.  And, I like the other people in the TRX classes Julie_Atomic_Pushupbecause everyone works at their own pace without disrupting the class.

When I started with the TRX classes, I couldn’t do any of the core exercises.  After three weeks, I was able to do and maintain most of them! Holding a plank position with your feet suspended from the TRX straps for 30 seconds may not seem like a big deal to an observer, but let me tell you, it utilizes every muscle in your core and it is a big deal!  I went from not being able to hold a plank position for 15 seconds from my forearms to holding a plank position for 30 seconds with my arms straight balanced on my hands!

What I really like about Karyn is her energy!  She has great music and keeps the classes moving for an entire hour.  She doesn’t give us a whole lot of slack.  She is always encouraging us to “try it”, while making sure everyone is working at his or her own level with good form.  I also like that she gives me choices of what level I want to work at so that I am continually challenged.

Julie_MB_LungeI had confirmation that TRX training has made me stronger   when I recently went on a hike with my husband and children.  My son wanted me to carry him.  So, I carried his 32 lbs. in a carrier on my back in addition to having 15 lbs. of gear.  Hiking with an extra 50 lbs. is not an easy feat for someone who is not in great shape.  For me, it was a piece of cake!  TRX works!!


Karyn                                                                                                                     Aug 23. 2010
Although I have seen the results of TRX in my increased strength in class and while hiking w/ the family on the weekends,  I had a wonderful experience tonight at the gym.  After we didn't have class and you left, I decided I was going to run on the treadmill. 

Running on the treadmill has never been a good activity for me and definately not one I enjoyed.  When I was younger, 24-25,  I wanted to run 5K's and 10K's, ran every day trying to make it, never made it past a 5K and that was a struggle.  I was less 2 kids, 15 pounds lighter and 12-13 years younger.  Running has never been easy.  Tonight, I jumped on the treadmill and I ran for 30 minutes, I'm certain I could have continued, I just got bored (didn't bring my ipod wasn't planning on running). 

Since I started TRX in early June, I have done no other formalized training, just walking, bike riding and hiking w/ the kids, no running, lifting weights, yoga etc.  I was absolutely amazed.  I credit my experience tonight to the increased strength in my hips and core making this an easy journey for me tonight.  Even my knee which has plagued me since surgery almost 20 years ago didn't bother me.  You have given me back my youth and motivation to continue and I thank you.