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Linda_W_Shoulder_YI'm Enjoying Dancing Again

Linda Wells, 56

I am a retired teacher and I currently work part time as a transition coach for a school.  In the last couple of years, I gained 15 pounds and couldn't seem to take it off, in spite of exercising and eating a balanced diet.  I have back issues and knee problems that particularly limited my type and intensity of work outs.  My passion is dancing, and the osteoarthritis in my knee was limiting that as well.

I felt like I needed to do something to kick up my workouts and discover how to rehab my knees so I wouldn't be as limited.  I hired Karyn as my personal trainer for two sessions a week.  What I really like about working out with Karyn is that we never did the same routine each time. She mixed things up, challenged me, and kept me motivated.  She individualized everything we did specific to my needs and with consideration for my previous injuries or current pain I had.  She is not like many trainers who deliver “one size fits all” training.

Karyn really encouraged me to push myself more than I would on my own.  Working out with her has really improved my strength, tone, core stability, and balance.  She utilizes a variety of equipment and exercises, combined in different ways, so that it is consistantly working different muscle groups.

I believe the older we get, we need core strength to combat EVERYthing.  Karyn's exercise programs focus on getting strong in the core area.  Tight abdominal muscles and strong backs support us by reducing our risk of injury in our day-to-day living!

Karyn also introduced TRX training to me.  I think TRX is a fabulous work out that includes training all muscles in many different ways. It tones, strengthens and also has great cardio benefits!

Whether you participate in a TRX class or have individual training with Karyn, she is always prepared.  She has specific plans and flawlessly executes them.

Karyn really listens to her clients.  She is very generous with her time and fitnes advice. She is passionate about physical training.  It is not just a “job” to her, but it is her way of life that she wants to share with others.  She is very conscientious about teaching correct technique to ensure safety and best effect of exercises.  Anyone at any level of fitness can be assured that Karyn will help them with their fitness goals.


Karyn gave me some special "rehab type” exercises to strengthen my lower and upper back, and the muscles around my knees.  She encouaged me to focus on the specific muscle as I contracted it and how breathe into into.  Since I am a dancer, that totally made sense to me. It has really helped me with my knee problems.

I guess the best and biggest benefit of my working out with Karyn is that I am more fully enjoying my passion of dancing again! I have more strength, more stamina, and more fun than I have had in some years!