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Taking It To The Next Level

Dr.  Dave Headley, 60


I've worked out forever.  I've done some cross training, running, cycling, and snowboarding.  I like to do anything outside.  In addition, I am probably in the gym 2-3 times a week doing free weights.  I have also done some sculpt yoga.

While I was working out at Accolade Fitness, I saw Karyn and and watched her train her clients for a couple of months.  I liked her intensity, her attention to core work, and her explosive training style.  I needed someone who could take me to the next level in my fitness goals.  I hired Karyn as my personal trainer.

I work out with Karyn one or two times a week for one hour.  When she began my training, I wore a knee brace – especially when I ran or hiked.  Now, nine months later, I don't need a brace.  I have no knee pain, no back pain, and no pain anywhere! I can directly credit my lack of pain to Karyn creating a program specifically for me.  I now have a stronger core, better muscle tone, and my balance has improved, so I no longer need extra support.Dave_Lunge_MB_Chop1

Seventy five percent of what I do with Karyn is TRX Training.  From personal experience with the TRX system, I can see so many benefits.  Working multiple muscle groups, improved range of motion, and improved fine motor control are among the rewards of using the TRX System.

As a physician, I know that as we age, our balance, our backs, our hips, and our knees begin to fail.  Having a strong core can help slow down the natural process of joint failure and other age related degeneration.  I also know that when our bodies are hurting in one place or another, we tend to favor that place and tend to overcompensate, which throws other parts of our body our of whack.  TRX Training is a perfect system to overcome past injuries and prevention of future ones!

I do need to add that it is important to have correct form while using TRX. Karyn is very good about making sure good form is observed and mastered before adding on combinations or higher level exercises.

So many people think they don't need a trainer.  I believe you don't push yourself hard enough when you work out by yourself.  You also tend to baby your weaknesses and often have bad form and bad habits.  With a good trainer, like Karyn, you can overcome all of that and be on the road to an overall better, stronger body and psyche!

I have worked out with several trainers over the years and I will say the rewards and the results I have gotten from working out with Karyn far surpassed anything I have done before.