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Taking My Life Back!
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Glorianne_Face1 What A Sensation

Glorianne Gendron, 79 years old (will be 80 in Dec. 2010)

I have always done some sort of exercise. I may look my age, but I absolutely do not feel my age! I know I am blessed with good genes (and hair color doesn't hurt!) but I think exercising is essential to good health, especially when we get older. I've had three careers in my life including teaching, working as a lab technician, and I was a travel agent.

For exercise in the past, I've played tennis, walked, ran with friends, and even did some water aerobics for years until I developed a chlorine allergy. Joining a gym seemed logical to me because it was exercise that I could do alone.

One day I came into the gym to actually cancel my membership. I was bored just going from machine to machine and wondering if I might even be hurting myself. I just disliked having to make adjustments on the seats and the weights everytime I changed machines. When I told the attendant behind the front desk why I wanted to quit, he asked me if I had ever considered working out with a trainer. I told him I would be willing to talk to one.


Karyn happened to be in the gym at the time. I sat down with her and really liked her right away! She listened to me. She heard my concerns. She noted everything. During our first workout, she took care to tell me what we were doing, like working on balance or strengthening the muscles around my knee that had gone through knee replacement surgery. She also took care of me, making sure I had good alignment and form so I would not hurt myself. And, she has made sure that I have mastered a certain exercise before encouraging me to go to the “next” level. I was hooked from the beginning!

What I really like about working out with Karyn is that she sees my potential even though I can't see it. We work slowly and gradually so that I am actually reaching that potential! Since I have been working out with Karyn, I have better balance, I am much stronger, and I have a better outlook on life. I don't know if it has something to do with the endorphins being pumped up and going crazy, but I know I am much more positive. We are surrounded by so much negativity; I think exercise is the only way to combat it.

Glori_Rock_GardenI work out with Karyn two times a week for 30 minutes. She is not a clock watcher and most days we go over our time a little bit. I really feel like when I am with her, I have her full attention. She is not distracted by anything else going on around us. AND, she has a great sense of humor!  I REALLY look forward to going to the gym on Mondays and Thursdays!  I continue to take care of my own housekeeping and I like to garden. I think working out with Karyn has definitely helped me to keep doing the things I want to do without any pain and with extra stamina!